FB: divergence

Divergence ©FrogDiva Photography

Three years ago, upon my arrival in Berlin, one of the things I chose to do to mark the beginning a new phase in my life was to join Facebook, after many years of lagging behind my entire social circle and dragging my feet about signing up. I figured it would be a viable platform to promote my blog, books and photography, in the naive illusion that it would open doors. Well, Facebook is everything I feared it would be, and more.

Time has come for me to take a decision, and evaluate the past three years on this social media giant, which I have never used for personal or private reasons (I refused to back then and I haven’t changed my stand).

  1. Have I promoted the blog, books and photography to the best of my ability? Yes.
  2. Has my Facebook presence improved sales and following significantly? No.
  3. Did Facebook Ads make a difference in sales? No.
  4. Did Facebook Ads bring sustainable followers? No.
  5. Does Facebook bring more traffic to my blogs and website? No.
  6. Does Facebook prevent traffic from visiting my blogs and website? Yes.
  7. Is the audience on FB really my target audience? No.
  8. Do I have meaningful intellectual exchanges within the groups I have joined on FB? Absolutely not.
  9. Do I find any satisfaction in FB as author? No.
  10. Do I find any satisfaction in FB as photographer? Very little.
  11. Can FB be a stepping stone for my professional network? No.
  12. Do I find any joy or satisfaction in my FB activity? None whatsoever
  13. Do I consider my activity on FB a burden? Yes.
  14. Does FB take up valuable time that I can otherwise invest elsewhere? Absolutely.
  15. Do I need FB to keep in touch with those that matter most to me? Not at all.
  16. Is FB essential to my mental health? Certainly not.
  17. Can I live without FB? Absolutely.

Clearly I seem to have answered my own question and found the right answer. So from July onwards you will see very little or no activity from me on FB, and the photography page will be taken down this week. I will remain on Twitter and Instagram for the time being, since the time investment on those two platforms (at least for me) is minimal and require no major interaction. I will remain active on YouPic, and certainly LinkedIn, which has proven to be THE most effective social media platform for me.

Why am I doing this? Aside from the fact that I foresee a major collapse of Facebook in the near future, and Twitter being a more powerful for promotion, for me it is summed up in one word: declutter. I am getting rid of the non-essentials in my life in order to make room for new and more significant things. I signed up for an online course yesterday, for example, and spent hours pouring over the fascinating reading material, much to my delight. In addition, now that my photography is taking on entirely new dimensions, I need to free up more time for photoshoots with the models and clients!

Wow, amazing what decluttering and re-focusing can do.


  1. Thank you for letting everyone know where we will be able to see your beautiful photography. I am now following you on Instagram.

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