Political Scientist by training,
Development Worker by fate,
Translator by circumstance,
Writer by passion
Photographer by soul. 

The blog began in 2006 as a family newsletter and the joy of writing grew over the years, flourishing into a platform for thoughts, emotions and eventually, photography. The time came, however, when the writing,  photography, and the cat stories needed to part ways and pursue different horizons. The former blog named Through Frog Eyes on Blogspot found its new home and allowed FrogDiva Photography  pursue its own destiny on an independent website.

Some people think out loud, others run to friends and support groups. I write and photograph. Plato defined the soul as having three components: logos, thymus, and eros (reason, temper and desire). These are the fundamental pillars of the moment and justification for pressing the shutter or tapping away at my keyboard. The reason for wanting to recreate the moment, the temper governing your soul at the moment, and the desire to create something intimately personal all converge into the right moment and your soul knows it, not the eye. James Hillman argues that the soul converts life into experiences that are communicated in love, faith, and death. By this precept, therefore, soul photography and writing do not simply capture an event , but instead communicates the human role in the universe of intangible emotions.

I stand by my personal mission statement that writing and photography are part and parcel of who I am, not an extension and not a skill learned for some final exam or certification. It is as human to me as it is spiritual, full of imperfections and with a pursuit of equilibrium, never technical perfection. My work is a dichotomy of selfishness and selflessness that seek depth in interwoven light and shadows.

Thank you for dropping by and continuing the journey with me. 
Berlin 2021

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As Author:
PEN America
Women’s Fiction Writers Association
Sisters in Crime (Women Crime Writers’ Association)
The Independent Author Network 

As Photographer
Federation of European Photographers
Professional Photographers of America
Centralverband Deutscher Berufsfotografen (CV) / Federation of German Professional Photographers
Photographers Without Borders
Deutscher Verband für Fotografie
HeARTs Speak (Advocacy for Shelter Animals)