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Escaping and Coping

It is no secret that my daughter is my favourite muse as far as photography is concerned. I may not be a portraitist nor have the formal training for portraiture, but these are details that are of no concern to me at the moment. The main thing is to draw out the soul and emotions

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(Inter-)National XYZ Day – seriously?

When I was growing up, the calendar was marked with all the religious and national holidays, which was fine and easy to follow, especially with birthdays scattered among them. It was a way of keeping track of the passing months and gave me something to look forward to, especially since Mommy was always keen on

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Another Year, Another VD, Another Grumble

Here is an excerpt of what I wrote last year about Valentine’s Day, a day I have come to resent very much. Maybe it is Berlin’s cynicism rubbing off on me, with the expression “Det ist mir so was von ejal, wa!” (equivalent to – I don’t give a damn!) : Here are my two

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