Women of Substance -by FrogDiva Photography

As I mentioned the other day, new and exciting things will be unfolding in the FrogDiva Photography world and website. I have spent the past year re-building and revamping the site as part of my journey of self-discovery as a photographer, exploring niches and genres that were totally alien to me and I had absolutely no clue how to tackle them. I was very reluctant, no, in fact I refused to set foot in the portraiture world until very recently, having being convinced by nay-sayers that I was not good enough and didn’t have the right equipment.

Then two pivotal things happened that turned my world upside down:
1. my editorial shoot – where I discovered what a perfect and natural model my daughter is, and
2. #lockdown2020 – during which I experimented with lenses, filters, bootleg studio set-up, and natural light.
The results of these tentative steps many of you have born witness to over the past months, and I am grateful to everyone who encouraged, taught, and supported me along the way. Equipped with all this newfound confidence and my usual supply of courage to plunge into the deep end having no clue where it will all lead to, I have literally walked into my own personal Mordor.

July is my month, and with it comes the first of several interconnected projects that will build on each other. Stick around for the adventure and you will see what madness I conjure up! The pilot project is Women of Substance. In this section mostly mother-daughter tandems will be featured, highlighting the special bond between the women, showcasing the empowerment, and applauding the life choices made. I veer away from the classic poses and opt instead for the quirky, hoping to draw out the laughter, the dreaminess and the friendship between mother and daughter.

It was my privilege and greatest pleasure to inaugurate this project with Sehreh and Dana who were an absolute delight to photograph. Click on the link to view the whole set and allow the images to speak for themselves.

FrogDivas forever
photography by Guido Schwarz

Inspired by the photograph taken of me with Maike by Guido Schwarz, Women of Substance is my first step in a whole new dimension and direction, all rather unexpected in the sense that it wasn’t even on my bucket list to engage in portraiture beyond my own daughter. Nevertheless, I am the stubborn FrogDiva who rams head-on when told “you can’t do it” or “you shouldn’t do it because… “

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