Mid-life Croaks: Re-discovering The Art of Idleness

It has taken several hours of willpower and self-control not to go on another political rant today. Thanks to the current dreary weather in Berlin, and my two sleepy feline companions, I have managed to pull the brakes and divert my attention elsewhere. Who knows, I might just lose control this afternoon…

The sky was a gorgeous azure yesterday, the temperatures were very European, but the sun was out, beckoning to the great outdoors. I am a sucker for sunshine seductions, and if there is anything I have learned in the past three years of living in Germany is that I need sunshine more than I need warmth. I can live without scorching heat and humidity, and I figured out how to get my foggy butt through Berliner winters, but I cannot go far without sunshine. So, taking all the social distancing restrictions into consideration, and the desperate need to get away from all things related to the US Elections, my camera and I found ourselves back at the lake.

No CNN or BBC here, just Quackanews ©FrogDiva Photography

The summer sun worshipers were all gone, which meant that direct access to the edge of the lake was all mine, albeit some sensitive negotiations with the ducks who had taken all the prime spots. I found a rock to sit on and soaked in the view and the sun with the greatest of pleasures. The moment had a reverence of its own and the heavenly silence was quintessential soul balm.

Whilst I did click away happily, I realised that I have severely neglected the art of idleness. I have become such a driven writer over the years, which also means earning my Commander stripes for internet surfing as well, to the extent that I tend to go deep diving without coming up for air. Home Office is an absolute nightmare because every time I look up from my screen there is something to be done around the house, a meal to be cooked, or a cat to be catered to. Simply having the lake and the camera with me was a royal treat indeed, but it also took some getting used to again.

What lies yonder… ©FrogDiva Photography

Letting go.

Breathing in the universe of nothingness.

Allow your mind to be led only by water, sun and air.

There were a few others out and about who also sought the solace of the lake, and it was to my advantage that these strangers photobombed the composition!

We each have out emotional crutches to get through these difficult and trying times. Those of us who indulge in the arts tend to use it as a form of escapism, plunging deep into the virtual worlds that offer a welcome respite from the harsh realities we are forced to live with. We tend have spent fortunes and wasted years in learning to be active, productive, and successful that we completely unlearned the art of being idle.

Canvas of Life ©FrogDiva Photography

Pick up a copy of Tom Hodgkinson’s book “How To Be Idle” – or re-read it if you already have it squirrelled away in your bookshelf. These are the times to re-learn and apply, especially if you are at that stage in your life where you are waltzing around with burnout.

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