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Summer 2020: Balconya & HomeStudioVille

This year there will be no blog entry from me on some exciting adventure or wonderful travel experience for holidays. All travel plans have been cancelled this year, not just by me, but by the world and the obnoxious COVID-19. Anyone who has to travel via train, plane, or bus and any other local transportation

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We have a term in the Philippines for the relationship between the children of godparents – kinakapatid. It loosely translates into honorary sibling, the operative word being kapatid, which is sibling. My goddaughter is in town for a long overdue visit and it is pure joy to pamper her and enjoy her company. I welcomed

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The Agony of Surrender

When I moved to Berlin in 2017, the intention was never to remain here on a long-term basis. Once I set up my home, however, and things began to happen, I thought I might as well linger a little longer, give it a shot and see where the road takes me. I will spare you

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