FrogDiva Photography

FrogDiva Photography celebrates the culmination of my journey over the years in pursuit of light and stories leading up to my accreditation as a photojournalist in 2019, professional accreditation by PPA and FEP n 2021, and ultimately the launching of portraiture services from 2020 onwards. 

Photography is part and parcel of who I am. It is as human to me as it is spiritual. This therefore defines my personal preference to shoot with natural light most of the time, thus avoiding the confines of a studio as much as possible. I believe in pushing boundaries, challenging the light, chasing the shadows, and embracing the experience. The pandemic months of 2020 and 2021 have presented new avenues to explore, particularly in portrait photography.

On some days I am a social and documentary photographer, photojournalist at large, marking 30 years experience this year. On other days I transform back into a bohemian FrogDiva celebrating flaws and imperfections and in constant pursuit of equilibrium thus distancing myself from technical perfection as much as possible. .

What I see is what you get, pure and simple,
a covenant between my soul,
the subject,
and the lens.

Berlin 2021