Another Year, Another VD, Another Grumble

Here is an excerpt of what I wrote last year about Valentine’s Day, a day I have come to resent very much. Maybe it is Berlin’s cynicism rubbing off on me, with the expression “Det ist mir so was von ejal, wa!” (equivalent to – I don’t give a damn!) :

Here are my two cents on the matter:
1. I resent the fact that florists jack up the prices for Valentines, and still manage to make the top sales. The same applies to candy sellers and chocolatiers.
2. Why do flowers have to be mandatory on Valentine`s? There are so many other ways of expressing your love, affection or friendship.
3. We express our love and friendship to the people we care about every day of the year, so why do we need a day to go out and buy expensive things that will disappear in no time? Flowers and chocolates do not do justice to the unconditional love I share with my friends or family.
4. An expensive dinner date on Valentine´s is certainly not a must either. No need to fall for all the ads promising a magical night or weekend getaway. That can happen any other time of the year. I would rather be told how special I am on the beach under the stars, or across the table over brunch, or in the middle of nowhere while being hopelessly lost, and not surrounded by others in a stuffy restaurant while worrying about the bill.

One year later, everything aforementioned is still very valid, Plus, I resent that society dictates that a normal, mentally healthy grown up has to have a lover or a partner. It would be nice, if it is the right partner, but it is in no way a must. The partner does not, and should never define you. Your identity is your own, not based on the partner’s.

The pursuit of love and the soulmate is not priority, especially when desperately searching my own soul and learning to love myself.

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