Gin Yoga is a thing… WTF?

There are days when I am incredibly slow on the uptake and not quite up to speed with the latest trends. Well, at my age I no longer feel the need to know every single new and hip trend, I leave that to my daughter. Nevertheless, I don’t want to be called antiquated (yet) either, it’s bad enough to be classified as “Old School” with disdain by anyone under 40, but there are many instances when I am proud to be Old School (shout-out to all my pals 50 and above!).

This morning while reading one of the editorial columns of the Berliner Morgenpost the term Gin Yoga (NOT to be confused with Yin Yoga) struck me, and pretty much like the columnist, Hajo Schumacher, I thought it was a typo. Nope, it is indeed something that been brewing in London since 2018 and has caught the world by storm.

To make a long story short, it is a concept that espouses the idea of drinking a glass of gin before your yoga session, a brilliant marketing campaign of a distillery that has gone viral in the UK, is making its way through the Continent and is about to be launched in Australia. It gives new meaning to the yoga concepts and positions “bottoms up!” Any excuse to incorporate gin into the lifestyle… geez, while living in India I was always told that a glass of gin-tonic was healthy and would help prevent catching malaria. A load of bullock excrement that was, and no argument in favour of gin loosening up the muscles to make you more pliable for yoga is ever going to convince me either.

My thanks for Mr. Schumacher for the inculturation session by introducing me to an entire range of alcohol-based “sports” in Germany, which I was aware of for decades but never quite heard expressed in this manner: Pils Pilates, Rum Rudern (rowing), Korn Kugelstoßen (grain brandy boules), Kirschlikör Karate (cherry brandy), Weizenbier Wandern (wheat beer hiking) and Sake Segeln (sailing)! These coined phrases however humorous they are remain a lousy excuse to indulge in alcohol consumption and are counterproductive to the fundamental philosophy of healthy mind, health body.

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