The Blues

The Cloud Dialogues (Havel Blues II) ©FrogDiva Photography

There is nothing like a cold, rainy and dreary winter day to drag me down faster than a falling brick. Thank goodness for the three C’s: cats, candles and cameras. Most people would disagree with this combination, but it works for me.

After the hurricane that tore through Germany over the weekend and created havoc from north to south, there was a break in the bizarre wind and storm and the heavens opened up in another way. It was almost biblical in nature, the clearing of the skies after Noah settled his arc and waited for the treetops to peak out again. The temperatures remained icy but at this point nobody cared, as long as the wind died down and the rain stopped.

My daffodils are blooming and my butternut squash is sprouting like mad again! On my way to the bus stop the other day I spotted the first crocus valiantly attempting to announce the eminent arrival of spring. I don’t quite agree, and neither do any of the trees, but I suppose Mother Nature is confused at the moment.

It’s times like these when I yearn for warmth, inner and outward warmth, and would give anything for a warm sunset at some remote beach.

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