A Frog in Fuerteventura – Epilogue

I am back home in The Shire and it is significantly colder than Fuerteventura! To think I was in light summer clothes, sandals and a bathing suit the whole weekend! Now I’m wrapped up in thermal leggings, double cardigans and winter socks, with a huge mug of coffee on the the warmer next to me. Talk about contrasts and shocks to the system!

The final day in Fuerteventura (yesterday) began with a leisurely family breakfast before the cab arrived to take me to the airport. Like all departures and end of holiday, it was a bittersweet moment for me. This family weekend was so special, to have spent quality time with RS and ES, getting to know one another and understanding more about each other’s lives. This is a huge transition year for everyone, as all four of us teeter on the verge of something extraordinary. The images I share below were taken on Sunday and technically belong to the Day 3 blog entry, but I purposely reserved them for today, as my jewels for a very special trip.

This time I had a much nicer and chattier cab driver and we had a lovely conversation from El Cotillo to Puerto del Rosario. When I arrived on my first day, the arid landscape of Fuerteventura came as a bit of a shock with its volcanic elements and barren mountains. I joked that all it needed were a few camels to make it India or Egypt. Well what do you know, on the drive to airport I actually passed farm house with a camel chilling in his paddock, chewing on something as he looked out onto the highway and watched the cars zoom by. It was surreal to say the least!

The Fuerteventura airport is definitely not at the top of my list of favourite airports. Rather, it belongs among the most chaotic and disorganised I have experienced. The flight schedule on their website is not in sync with the board in the departure hall nor the airline update, nor the actual check-in counter. The website said no counter assigned yet, the board said counter 16, so all passengers lined up at an empty counter 16, but over at counter 13 there was a woman taking the drop-off baggage for EasyJet. I marched over and asked if she was processing the baggage for the flight to Lisbon and she looked at me as if I had seven heads and 12 eyes. She was snarky and unfriendly say the least and was shocked when I informed her that we were all lined up at counter 16 because the damn board said so. Did she move? No.

Then came the even greater chaos of the security check. I’m not even sure how to describe it. Between the confused passengers who had no freaking clue what was going on, or were arguing amongst themselves, or worse, totally engrossed in their phone, it was sheer pandemonium. Then came the staff who reminded me of the school monitor on a kindergarten playground – completely oblivious to everything with zero public relations or language skills. I keep my daily coffee consumption in tow but after clearing security check, I headed straight for a coffee bar and got myself a strong brew to simmer down and reel in my temper.

This was all followed by a delayed flight, a tantrum from passenger who would not accept the her carry-on was too big, and a screaming baby onboard with a stressed out father walking up and down the aisle. Nevertheless, I made it back home and was greeted in the car by three cats. Yes, three. Cherry has two guests, Dorotka and Matylda for the next few days as a return visit. So when I received the text message “12 paws have been loaded into the car” I knew it was the beginning of another adventure. Cherry herself will tell you all about it in her forthcoming diary. Suffice it to say that I have three cats in the office right now, one perched on the back of the chair, the other at my feet, and a third being a diva grump. Never boring in the Frobbit House!

Last night it became crystal clear to me that home is Portugal, and that is something I embrace with all my heart and soul. Last night’s landing was a true homecoming.

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