The Butterfly at 25

Dearest FrogDiva Jr.,

I write this with the wonderful roar of the ocean in the background, as the sun slowly breaks through the morning fog here in Fuerteventura, celebrating your birthday and my birth-giving day. I am grateful to all that is holy and the Universe for bringing you into my life 25 years ago.

What a phenomenal year it has been for you, as you found your ground as artist, woman, and partner who wears her heart and courage as battle armour, ready to defend those she loves, and protect what is most precious to you. The past 12 months were anything but boring for both us, as we both embarked on new adventures away from our comfort zones, headed in completely different adventures, embracing life in its entirety, body and soul.

Oh and what a beautiful transformed soul you are my darling! You have emerged out of the shadows, conquered your fears, explored and elevated your talents, and deepened your spirituality. I watch with amazement and joy as you flourish in your life, and treasure the moments we have together.

The Butterfly at 25
©FrogDiva Photography

We have both been on a healing journey this past year, transcending from survivor to celebratory mode, finally finding the elusive serenity that we chased for so long. Your perseverance, strength and determination to push forward, ask for help and direction, and immerse yourself in your artistic world is worthy of anyone’s admiration. But as mother and friend, you make my heart rejoice, as I see so much of myself in you now. Your grandmothers would be incredibly proud of you if they were around, but you and I know that they continue to live within you, having inculcated their values early on.

You are blessed with angels in your life who give you wings to be the best you can be, catch you when you stumble, and cheer you on when you are passionate about a new project. The most important angel in your life in your life, RS, is your rock and your inspiration, and it is my privilege to watch you build a life together engulfed in love, respect, friendship, laughter, art, and so much more. The glow on your face now is an inner light that is new to me, but something that I understand and celebrate. There is no greater joy for a mother than to see her child embracing life to the fullest. May you and RS never lose that curiosity to explore life together, push new boundaries, and be each other’s strength.

It is never easy to hand over the baton, especially as a mother. In our hearts and minds, our children will always remain at a precious age where you needed us for every step of the way. You, my darling, have reached that juncture in your life, where my role is to cheer you on and hand down whatever wisdoms you have not yet discovered, for now the roles are reversed and you are the one shining light on my path now.

Remember what I told your teacher during the last parent-teacher conference before you graduated high school? My role as manager is over, I am now in customer service, whenever needed. That was six years ago, and I still look back and laugh at the expression on his face as he replied, How I wish more parents would think like that! You know how I struggle to let go sometimes, but today I realise that letting go six years ago and setting you out into the big wide (wild) world was the only way to uphold my vow to let you experience everything I never did or could. The results? A scintillating butterfly who has found her wings!

Happy Birthday my darling Butterfly!

With all my love,

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