A Frog In Fuerteventura – Day 3

The day actually began at midnight of March 12th, where we raised our glasses to the birthday girl. It meant a lot to all of us to be together for such a milestone birthday and ring in the new year together, especially in such a unique setting. A few hours later I got up early to try my luck again at some sunrise shots at the beach, only to shocked by all the fog. I could barely see the outline of the tower in front of the house and the ocean was completely swallowed up by the thick white fog. An hour later it was no better, so I resigned myself to wait for the afternoon to see what options would open up.

Our day began with a gorgeous brunch at Triton, which was filled with laughter, joy and some wonderful togetherness. It was then followed by interviews of the owners and staff of the place (to be taken up in the next blog entry), which was a fascinating round of conversations. I love interviewing people as it, but the catch here was that it was conducted in Italian for the most part, English and Spanish for the small remainder simply because I don’t speak French! By the end of the interviews and photos, my polyglot brain was so scrambled that I caught myself speaking Portuguese! Maike teased me that they had hoped that with my arrival and Spanish language skills I would extract more information out of their favourite haunts, only to end up doing half the interviews in Italian. Go figure, I travelled to Fuerteventura to revive and practice my Italian! Don’t get me wrong, I have had a ball here immersing myself in Spanish as well, a language that is basically a mother tongue to me, and truth be told, I will miss it.

In the afternoon we hit another beach, which a favourite among surfers due to the wild waves. It was windy (what else is new, this is Fuerteventura after all, and as the name implies, strong winds are a constant around here), and cloudy / hazy, but this provided a fantastic light that was an absolute joy to photograph. My main aim was to capture the power of the waves and the magical light over the water, but a couple of surfers photobombed my shots and, well, see the results for yourself.

Choose A Wave I
©FrogDiva Photography
Choose A Wave II
©FrogDiva Photography
Choose A Wave III
©FrogDiva Photography

The power of the waters at this beach provided me with the perfect moment to do my sorrow casting that I had intended. The trick with this ritual is to time your affirmation and wish in such a way that you manifest whatever it is you want to cast away when the waves come rushing in, and repeat Take it away as the water recedes. I suppose you could call it a form of emotional exorcism and it is incredibly cleansing and sooting. The universe delivered and these are the waters that made the difference in my life today:

Prayer of the Waves II
©FrogDiva Photography
Prayer of the Waves III
©FrogDiva Photography
Prayer of the Waves III
©FrogDiva Photography

What is interesting about this beach in particular was the crowd. They were not your run of the mill tourists, but rather, locals out to enjoy a Sunday afternoon at the water. The lifeguards were busy blowing their whistled and calling people out of the water if the waves got too wild, but this was just for the non-surfing area.

On the way home the following scene stopped me dead in my tracks, and I think it would have been an absolute travesty to pass it up. It almost felt like a religious experience witness the supremacy of sky and ocean over man, the perfect way to celebrate a birthday.

We rounded up the day with an absolutely divine tapas dinner at Olivo Corso. The food is phenomenal and the staff charming, attentive, efficient, and very accommodating. Decadent indulgence is the only way to describe the food here, all served in a cosy atmosphere. The tapas are excellent, but so are their desserts! My suitcase may be lighter going home, but I don’t think I can say the same for my stomach!

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