The Cherry Diaries: Visits and Visitors

Dear Diary,

What a week it has been! Unlike my previous entries, I have stories to tell that took place outside of the house, and by that I don’t just mean up the street or with the Milk Bar Gang. Nope, this time my royal booty got shoved into my carrier and carted off down the hill into Lisbon.

The adventure began when Mom took out her red suitcase. Every time that windowless carrier comes out things happen and usually it involves Mom leaving for a while. I don’t like it at all, unless I get to go along. I thought I was going on an adventure with her, maybe on a metal bird like last September, but alas, it was a metal box on wheels which humans call a car. Something was definitely up when she began cleaning the house the day before. We never mop on weekdays, unless I make huge mess, but otherwise Saturdays are the designated mop days. As Schedule Manager, I never allow digressions to the weekly schedule and I definitely didn’t approve this! Crumbs.

Even worse, I got a fancy brushing that evening and on Friday morning as well. Not that I really needed it, since I am always cataliciously presentable. Then the metal box arrived and I got whisked into it and horror of horrors, placed on the floor in the back seat. Such an abomination! I couldn’t look out the window or see Mom! Who sanctioned this? I demand to speak to the transportation manager! Well, wherever it was we were headed, I voiced my disapproval several times, in the most undignified manner too. When I travel I always require a support human next to me, none of this strong independent female bullshit. But the humans seemed to have switched off their meow translator off and I had to content myself with listening to Mom’s voice.

After half an hour we reached the parking area of the metal birds, and I thought Yippee! I get to go on one again after all! Wrong again. Only Mom got off, and I got driven to another place where I was received by VK, a really nice human but unfortunately there were other cats there as well. I met the resident juvenile delinquents called Dorotka and Matylda, who speak neither German nor Portuguese, just Czech. Double crumbs! Why on earth did Mom send me here? This was my holiday?! I demand a refund!

I did what I do best, begin investigating every nook and cranny, testing all the seats until I found my perfect spot to lounge. Dorotka and Matylda were just as perplexed about my arrival, and we had a good hissing fit going until we all got tired and eventually settled down. It was a very different apartment to my house, but with this super cool rooftop to explore! I have to remember this and do the same at home as well. In any case, we all adjusted to each other and I soon discovered that if I needed cuddles all I had to do was ask VK.

Monday finally arrived and I was placed back in my carrier. So I wondered whether I was being transferred to another temporary place or being dumped elsewhere. No matter how much I love Mom and our life, I can never shake the uneasy feeling that I will end up back in a shelter. But then I noticed that Dorotka and Matylda also got put in their carrier, so we all wondered what on earth was going on now… and into the metal box we went, not really understanding where we were headed. But then I heard the metal birds and Mom got into the car! Yipppppeee! It seemed like the longest ride ever to get home but we finally did and all got released from our carriers.

Wait, what? Are Dorotka and Matylda living with me now? Apparently it is their turn to go on a little holiday so their mom and get some rest. I mean, considering how active they are compared to my rickety old bones, I can’t blame her. They make me dizzy as well. Things are definitely not boring around here anymore, especially late at night or early morning. Thank goodness the house is big enough for them to make all their racket elsewhere while I snooze!

So today we are all behaving and hanging out in Mom’s office. They find keyboards interesting, while I prefer screens, which is a fair division of disaster. I don’t mind having house guests, but this age gap thing is a challenge. The language barrier isn’t too bad either, a hiss is a hiss, and a slap on the nose is universal.

That’s all for now folks!
Meowingly yours,

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