A Frog in Fuerteventura – Day 3 (Part II): Triton

March 12, 2023 was not just my daughter’s birthday but also the milestone first anniversary of Triton’s Coffee Lab in El Cotillo. If you remember my entry of my first day here, this is where my holiday began, with the supersonico cocktail that jumpstarted the wonderful holiday buzz! Yesterday we had a scrumptious brunch there, followed by a very special treat of interviewing the Triton crew and getting to know the story and vision behind the mixes and blends.

The name Triton, as you probably well surmised already, hails from Greek mythology and is the god of the sea, son of Poseidon and Amphitrite. The name was aptly chosen by the owners Niko and Mirko to pay homage to the ocean of El Cotillo, and mark the beginning of a journey that celebrates and elevates art to something worthy of the gods. The story begins in Genoa, Italy, curiously, a city known for its maritime history, which makes the choice of El Cotillo a direct connection to the water-based roots of these two Pisces Italians who met up in Australia. Mirko brings in the esoteric and artistic dimension into the corporate vision, the more serious, contemplative and introspective coffee awakening, which is diametrically opposed to Niko, who rules the cocktail pantheon that blends creativity, innovation and fun within a single glass.

The idea of the coffee lab was conceived in Australia and then began to take form in Amsterdam, influenced by the dutch cafes that blend quirkiness, artistic flair, elegance, within a structure that is welcoming, calm, and a haven for artists from all walks of life. This is the vision that has taken root in Fuerteventura, and will grow into a more elaborate centre that incorporates concentric circles of art, sustainability, organic farming, and community building. When the Triton men define art for their corporate philosophy, they embrace visual, culinary, musical and communication arts. The first step has been with visual and culinary arts, and by the end of the month, they will be launching the music component, with live music and eventually branch into recording.

Once the triumvirate was established (with the third owner who is the investor) and the choice for El Cotillo made, the arduous journey began to find the perfect location – and this during the pandemic! The corner property they landed was a dilapidated hodgepodge of furniture that reminded me of a robber’s cave, devoid of rhyme or reason. The division of labour was clear, Niko was in charge of renovations and things alcoholic, whilst Mirko took on the coffee blends and legalities. It took them close to seven months to make things presentable and viable, and one year later, they have established themselves as a unique place brimming with vibrancy. Competition? Not a problem, we don’t have any, says Mirko.

You can imagine that this rambunctious team of Italians is fun to work with and things are never boring. This is confirmed by the youngest member of the team who is the only non-Italian onboard. A native of Lyon, Lea escaped the wheelings and dealings of real estate and made her way to El Cotillo and joined the Triton gang in October 2022. The strong Italian roots and dimension of the business continued when they brought on a young chef from Bologna, Alessandro, who grew up learning the ropes in his mother’s restaurant. He may be young, but he is unafraid to push boundaries and present his works of art on a plate. Like Niko’s cocktails, Alessandro‘s dishes are creative, fun, flavour-packed and quite the experience that you are not likely to forget the moment you walk out the door.

It is an ambitious goal that they have set, but one that is inspired by a passion for creativity and communication. Sustainable and environmentally conscious methods will be incorporated into the future centre, and for now, the preferential option to give artists a voice mirrors the corporate values that you see, taste and experience in every aspect of Triton’s Coffee Lab.

Grazie al meraviglioso team per aver condiviso con me il vostro tempo, il vostro talento e le vostre storie. Non vedo l’ora di seguire il viaggio dei cerchi concentrici!

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