The Tiger Roars at 24

Dearest FrogDiva Jr.

It never ceases to amaze me that another year has passed and I have been blessed with 12 more months of your miraculous presence in my life. You are the blessing that continues to light my path when all is dark, the wind of inspiration when the world stagnates around me, and the reason I am never afraid of change.

It has been quite the adventure for us these past two years. Little did we know that your fateful visit to Berlin in February 2020 would turn into a two-year stay that taught us both so much about life and ourselves. At the time I knew that the Lord had a plan for us, though I couldn’t see nor understand it, but we were both sent to Berlin for a reason, destined to rise from the ashes. Our paths may have been very different getting there, but we converged at precisely the right moment, when we were both shattered from life’s challenges.

The Tiger Roars ©FrogDiva Photography

Do you remember the deluminator from Harry Potter? Prof. Dumbledore first used it when he left baby Harry at Privet Drive, and then Ron Weaseley inherited it the last book. You, my darling girl, are my deluminator. You bring light into my life when all is dark and you are my constant homecoming anchor. I find my way through the fog with and through you, and together we navigate back to safety.

We have done this time and time again over the past 24 years and are an unbeatable team you and I. Who else can claim being attacked by a monkey together, painting geese in pink and blue during Holi in India, running away from a monitor lizard on the beach in Sri Lanka, camping with the girl scouts, skydiving together, and becoming roommates during a pandemic? Our life is full colour, adventure, art, music, cats, food (I love this one), and our friendship cemented by love and understanding so strong.

Stronger Together ©FrogDiva Photography

We went through the worst these past two years, but through it all we never let go of one another, and for that I grateful and blessed. Ironically, our lives have been uniquely parallel since 2017, as we both learned to live alone and make headway with our new lives, each of us stumbling along the way. Our paths led us to the city that turned out to be our turning point, the light at the end of the tunnel. And here we are, on your birthday, stronger than ever, and ready to roar triumphantly to the winds of change, because we made it through! We did it, Maike dearest, and I am so proud of the woman you have become.

My little tiger cub is all grown up and roaring to the world that you have arrived. Pounce away, my darling girl, and hold on to love, life, and art as you always have. Our paths have diverged for now, but this time we are stronger, better, and healed.

Unconditionally yours always,
FrogDiva Mommy

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