22 in 2020

The past 22 years have simply flown by in the blink of an eye. Motherhood began for me on March 12, 1998 in New Delhi, India during the colourful spring festival of Holi and little did I know that my little girl would turn out to be an an artist who celebrates life in colours!

We moved from country to country during these past 22 years, establishing no permanent roots anywhere, but making the whole world her oyster in the process. Friends have come and gone, teachers have left their mark, for better or for worse, but a strong, sensitive, talented, all-embracing woman has emerged from the shadows.

In spite of the on-going catastrophes unfolding around the world and the personal turbulence she has undergone in recent months, Maike remains a beautiful soul and stunning beauty, resilient in adversity, thriving in chaos, and impervious to the forces that try to break her.

History repeats itself in the most blessed manner. My mother was my best friend, keeper of my innermost secrets, and my most loyal cheerleader. She lives on in me as I carry on the torch of treasure finder, secret-keeper and ardent cheerleader.

No path is perfectly smooth, and mistakes are the building blocks of character, the most effective teachers of life skills. We either buckle under the pressure, or embrace the challenges and move on. And this girl can certainly move and groove!

I celebrate life, love, friendship, and motherhood of this beautiful woman. Happy Birthday dearest Maike!

NB: The photograph above is part of a series that celebrates International Woman’s Day and leads up to this special birthday. For the complete series click HERE.

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