The World of Colours at 23

Dearest FrogDiva Jr,
Here’s to the birthday girl, my daughter, best friend, muse, tarot card reader, partner in junk food crime, fellow flexitarian, and most recently, my oily friend (a phrase I picked up from an essential oil blogger and promoter)!

Another 12 months have passed, one more trip around the sun, and 365 days of life together. What a year it has been for you – and sometimes it seemed as though your life was a chapter from one of my books, running from the dark forces that pursue the soul. Your interlude with Florence and the beloved Tuscan gold has been put on hold for now, as you dedicate your efforts to rebuilding your strength, cleansing your body and soul, and embracing the strength, passion, love, artistry and compassion that encompass your beautiful self.

It has been a bumpy ride, a poisonous path that led to several chaotic dead ends. Yet life and the powers of the universe led you back to Berlin to heal and rebuild. This is something we share and as we walk through the darkness together, helping each other get back on our feet again, we look towards the light with hope, courage and determination. You are one of the few people in this world driven by colourful serenity and chaotic creativity. It’s taken me years to understand and embrace this, but I respect and admire it.

The months of isolation, social distancing and confinement were anything but easy for you, and the restricted space that we had to share, grating on each other’s nerves, set the stage for a new aspect of our relationship – as flatmates. The learning curve was huge for both of us, but at the end of the day, we saved each other from our own worst selves and attained new depths of gratitude and fortitude.

Our shared creativity and passion for colour, intensity in black and white, and finding the spirituality in negative space is unique to this mother-daughter tandem. When I gave birth to you 23 years ago during the Hindu festival of colours, Holi, I knew in my heart that ours would be a life and love wrapped with the power of colour. As you took to the paint bushes and transformed doodling into an art form, I watched the artist emerge, knowing that your soul thrives on the language of colour.

It’s taken 23 trips around the sun for you to return to the turbaned look, and it has been a wonderful journey together. Thank you for the trust, the confidence, resilience, support, friendship, love, and undying fascination with all things bright, shiny and colourful.

Unconditionally yours,
FrogDiva Mommy

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