A Touch of Black

I am drawn to vibrant colours by nature and instinctively. The interplay of light and shadow with natural colours in the sky and water move my soul in a way that is sometimes impossible to put into words. However, when it comes to my true passion, nothing defines my documentary photography better than black and white. This is a genre that I’ve struggled with over the years, because there is no room to hide. Thankfully I’ve had some wonderful mentors along the way who kept me on the path. Clarity is the name of the game, and once you strip the image of the distracting colours, you are left with the bare story. The core of the matter.

There are days when feel disconcerted and wonder what is all the effort for. Where am I headed and why do I even bother. Then I review my archives and plant both feet on the ground in my black and white world, and remember why I became a documentary photographer and photojournalist in the first place.

Take my hand and allow me to show you my world through my lens. For many of you who followed me on IG, most of the images will be familiar. For those who are new to this blog, hang on for the ride.

The Faces that spoke for themselves and who speak for me today.

Each of these images have a story behind them, and have inspired my writing in one way or another.

Then there were moments where there were no faces to show, but the body language said it all:

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