Light Games

“An interesting question to ask yourself at night is, What did I really see this day?”
— John O’Donohue.

My camera felt neglected and was bordering on depression from all the social distancing, so I decided to allow it to air its grievances. Winter, in my opinion, is the perfect time to experiment with natural light for portraits and push the boundaries.

Here’s what resulted from what I call the Red Sweater Day. The goal was to captured the different moods of hope, prayer and expectation, which are all in anticipation of spring. Some of you have asked what software I use for post-processing. Some years ago I embarked on the Lightroom adventure, and eventually dipped my toes inn Photoshop. I have have admit that I never really warmed up to PS and stuck to LR, until I ran into some limitations. Then I discovered Luminar by Skylum for Mac and fell head over heels in love with it. Not even a trip to the dark side of Capture One could entice me to turn my back on Luminar, so I’ve stuck with it. The final tweaks are done in PS, but they are minor.

Since bright colours seem to dominate the month and in preparation for Chinese New Year, we had an impromptu photo ambush one morning, resulting in the Hooded Collection

The green image is inspired by Steve McCurry’s The Afghan Girl, and the red image probably should be captioned Rocky, since it is nothing more than a bathrobe!

Project Woman in the Mirror continues, and I kicked off 2022 with the following, as a buildup to a milestone birthday later this year.

To answer John O’Donohue’s question above – what did I really see this day?


Light of the soul.
Light along the path.
Light in the darkness.
Light in the mirror.

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