Painting with the Colours of the Night

It’s been a most interesting week to say the least. a total game-changer. Yes, it is very strange to be out and about town again, and yes, I am most uncomfortable to be among others and I panic when sitting in a restaurant and someone moves around without a mask. Paranoia? Certainly? This “new normal” is ridiculous, and I am sure we haven’t seen the last of the lockdowns and restrictions. Oh but what an exhilarating experience to travel in a full subway train again, albeit fears. It gave me a chance to re-discover my city. Here are some impressions:

The Zen of the Night ©FrogDiva Photography
Zen Restaurant, Charlottenburg, Berlin

I’ve never been fond of studio work, and as a documentary photographer at heart, my preference is for authentic scenes and pulsating backgrounds. So I’m always on the lookout for interesting architecture that could be used as a backdrop. My route last night led me to a train connection that I had never travelled before and I was stunned by the futuristic aura that stumbled upon. I didn’t care that it was getting late, I just had to soak in that Star Trek atmosphere

Underground Life Revived ©FrogDiva Photography
Underground Life Revived II ©FrogDiva Photography

It felt like an alternate reality to be sitting in a restaurant with a friend again, and actually discovering a new place in the process. The restaurants in the city that offer indoor seating are full to the brim now, even during the week. The catch is that you have to show proof of full vaccination or a negative test taken the same day, but other than that it’s a breeze. The temperatures are dropping to single digits at night, making outdoor dining very uncomfortable from here on, but this being Germany, the giant heaters and extra blankets that you are offered make some places bearable.

On the way home last night I couldn’t help but stop and admire the last stretch home. After the hour-long commute (that’s when you realise how large Berlin actually is… ), the hobbled off the bus and stepped out onto wet pavements and cobblestone roads. And smiled. That sense of belonging and being home, truly home hit me, and I gasped at the simple beauty of the night.

Homeward ©FrogDiva Photography

Dark nights and rain-kissed surfaces are a challenge to photograph, and for the first time in my life I look forward to photographing dark and snowy roads again. I must be going bonkers to even think this. I’ll blame it on the full moon for now.

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