Sounds of Silence

Remember this song from way back when?

Here is my visual interpretation to accompany this classic song:

Between the Sheets ©FrogDiva Photography
Winter my old friend ©FrogDiva Photography
To each his own ©FrogDiva Photography
Marooned ©FrogDiva Photography
Tormented ©FrogDiva Photography
Solitary Thoughts ©FrogDiva Photography
Magical Light ©FrogDiva Photography

We are conceived into a world of silence within our mother’s womb.

Then our first existential crisis arrives and we are inducted into a world of uncertainty, insecurity, noise, with an inability to communicate what we really need or feel.

As we grow older, noise becomes our music – shouts on the playgrounds, schools, parties, celebrations. The louder the better.

During our turbulent years we use noise to block out the world and mask our problems, finding solace in that which requires no answer from us.

When we cross the threshold of adulthood and glide unceremoniously into middle age, the absence of noise becomes a goal, a retreat, the ultimate necessity.

On some days, the absence of noise is simply music to my ears. Sounds of silence. A symphony of presence and peace.

Click HERE for the complete Sounds of Silence set on FrogDiva Photography

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