First Digital Crop of the Year

As I mentioned in the previous entry, I had time to kill this morning because I entered the wrong time for my vaccination appointment. Instead of sitting around to read a book or having a ladidah coffee and croissant, took one look at the cloudy sky and decided it was perfect for a few street shots. The bus ride would kill just the right amount of time, so I got moving over one of my favourite spots in Berlin: Schloss Charlottenburg (Charlottenburg Palace). For some reason, prefer to photograph this palace either in the rain, at night or in the snow, but not in sunlight or sunset. Perhaps Germany is rubbing off on me, but the austere Prussian architecture stands out more against an overcast sky.

If there is one thing I’ve learned with photography is to expect the unexpected whenever you look up or down. Never conform to terra firma and shoot only what’s at eye level or right in front of you. Case in point:

Tweeters Online ©FrogDiva Photography

I got lucky with this shot simply because I was sitting underneath a tree trying to decide what to do with my time. Instinctively I looked towards the heavens for a sign, and got rewarded with these flying rats aka pigeons.

Once I reached my destination, I followed a jogger and a young guy on a scooter who seemed to be taking shortcuts through the palace grounds. I am instantly drawn towards bridges and water, but today’s bridge was nothing exciting, so I took a crack at the architecture – which is normally not my favourite theme:

Side Entrance ©FrogDiva Photography
Golden Girl ©FrogDiva Photography

The bridge may have been a disappointment, but river certainly wasn’t. There is something soulful about the harsh surroundings that calls to a deeper level. The absence of the leaves forces you to absorb the gentle movements all around.

Flow and Counterflow ©FrogDiva Photography

The scene reminded me very much of Prague, and for the briefest of moments I forgot I was in Berlin. Once the weather improves I will follow this path and see where it leads to. It felt good to tick another thing off my Fuck-It list!

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