Second Sunday of Advent: The Gift of Music

It is not just the winter frost and unpleasant temperatures outside that keep us indoors these days. Add to the horrid weather the current pandemic that has everyone confused and re-thinking the necessity of stepping outside the front door, we are once again challenged to make the most of finding comfort and serenity within our four walls.

You would think that after two years of doing this we would be used to it by now, but life seems to be one extended cruel joke at the moment, teasing us with normality and then yanking it away the moment a new virus variant makes and appearance. I’ve managed with the help of music and have compiled some of my favourite background music videos from YouTube that I like to keep running in the background. The cats and I love it, and when you are stuck in the winter darkness like I am here in Berlin, when the sun sets at 4:00pm, it cat get pretty depressing. So here are my coping mechanisms and I truly hope it helps some of you out there. The music selection is intended to be peaceful enough to work or study, and not obtrusive at all, so it’s OK to run it in the office. I personally have an issue with working with headphones all day, and feel less alone when I can be followed all over the apartment by the music.

This first one was a very pleasant discover one year during an office Christmas party. We gathered in the conference room and a colleague pulled this up as the background. it provided a wonderful atmosphere and it’s my go-to looping video most nights. The cats love it. I know it’s doesn’t do much for those of you who have real fireplaces, but if you are not in a position to light a fire, this is the next best thing. Crank up the volume!

If you prefer a more outdoorsy feel, here is an alternative

The holidays are upon us, and for may of us the sound of the old familiar Christmas carols is grating on the nerves. I can’t work or read with the carols or worse, Christmas dance music blasting in the background. So I found some lovely jazz music to share with all of you. Take your pick in terms of background.

If you are not into Christmas music and simply want some jazz to chill, unwind, or even cook to, here are some of my top choices. The first one is perfect for brunch.

For those of you in the southern hemisphere where you are in the throes of summer, you probably can’t identify with the current winter vibes I’m dishing out. Too much sunshine and warmth? Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten you!

Sometimes you simply need something that moves the soul and releases all those pent up emotions. Up until recently I never knew nor understood the healing power of tears.

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