The #JerusalemaChallenge

It’s the fourth Sunday of Lent, known as Laetare Sunday, which is a call to rejoice. What better way to do this during the pandemic than #JerusalemaChallenge. This is a very different perspective to Lent from the Catholics this year! Then again, why not, it has been a brutally different year, and it feels like a prolonged Lenten season since February 2020.

The #JerusalemaChallenge is not new, and went viral last year with different groups dancing to it. There is a military version, children’s version, you name it, there are groups all over the globe dancing to Jerusalema, but what really caught my fancy were the various Catholic religious groups.

I first stumbled on this video of the the Redemptorist Fathers in Cork, Ireland…

Who then challenged their Irish counterpart nuns

I have to say, I think the nuns won this round, though the group of priests dancing outdoors with their hats and flags scored major points for me!

However nothing quite beats the tempo of the Italians who put on a fantastic show last year

and here are the nuns in Spain

I had a ball looking this up! Although I can’t stand the song anymore. In any case here are the priests from Panama

It is a time for prayer and spiritual retreat, but also for hope looking ahead to Easter.

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