Mid-life Croaks: Say “Yes”! to the journey

It snowed all night here in Berlin, and when the cats and I got up, stretched our legs for breakfast, we stared out in bewilderment at the thick blanket of snow that covered the landscape. For the past month the snow has just been a fleeting vision, not really staying long enough for a cup of tea and vanishing after an hour or so. Not this time. The temperatures dropped two days ago, and the new moon decided that Berlin hadn’t had it’s share of January snow yet. As if -2C were not sufficiently winter yet.

Forgetting that I was still in my nightgown and barefoot, I grabbed the camera and began shooting. I love snow only for it’s artistic value, but walking in it gives me no pleasure whatsoever. Minimalism has been my theme this year thus far, and I was very pleased with this morning’s crop of photographs.

See what I mean? The snow offers the perfect backdrop and negative space that I absolutely love playing around with. Even a grumpy crow pulling up some grass becomes an eye-catcher. I would have gone one for much longer but my bare feet on the balcony told me this was not a good idea.

The message during this morning’s mass was Say “yes!” to the journey and as I contemplated this while watching the snow outside, I said to myself, why the hell not? Last night I stumbled on an old (well, in terms of internet age) video on YouTube dating back ton 2016. When I first watched it three years ago I was in too dark a place to appreciate it. I hated winter, and my world and soul were imploding. But last night, it took on a whole new meaning for me as it addressed strong women over 60.

I say Yes! to the snow, the cold, and transcending barriers that used to be dead ends for me. Meeting more and more people who decided to make a major shift in their lives and take bold chances with new beginnings after 50 has given me that much needed confidence boost. You see it in my photography these past months – a decluttering of soul noise but minimalistic bold statements, regardless of whether it is a portrait, selfie, still life or outdoor photography. There is something incredibly thrilling about getting to know myself all over again, thereby fulfilling one of the first assignments of my therapy journey – makes friends with the woman in the mirror.

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