Summer 2020: Balconya & HomeStudioVille

This year there will be no blog entry from me on some exciting adventure or wonderful travel experience for holidays. All travel plans have been cancelled this year, not just by me, but by the world and the obnoxious COVID-19. Anyone who has to travel via train, plane, or bus and any other local transportation runs a horribly high risk of being infected, and this has been proven by the sharp rise in the COVID cases due to the impatient and irresponsibly reckless people who just could not wait to go on holiday. So yes, I am all for having all passengers being tested at the airports, but it should also be done at train stations and bus depots, particularly for the cross-border routes.

It is absolutely infuriating to read the latest news on the sharp rise in the infections again, just when the restrictions are being lifted and establishments are trying their very best to provide some sense of new normality. The hospitals, medical staff and healthcare workers continue to work their weary bones in isolation and running the highest risks. But for what? So the demonstrations, large gatherings, parties, underground clubs, and yes, the travellers can ruin all the hard work and throw caution to the wind? We are all suffering from cabin fever, and the children who are kept away from school are not emotionally equipped to deal with the social distancing – not that some of us adults are either – but the does not mean that we can simply pack our bags and sit our arses in a car to carry the virus back and forth.

I am by nature (Cancerian) a homebody and will prefer a quiet time at the beach rather than plotting to kill a trekking partner up a mountain or across a swinging bridge between ravines, and I very much enjoy travelling both for the sake of writing and photography. But this year, the mere thought of travel terrifies me, and it is a mental and emotional struggle to even get to work now, not knowing who I will be exposed to. Every sniffle, cough or person with a sloppily placed mask on the bus, tram or subway makes me nervous. I would rather go mental at home and suffer another bout of cabin fever though, rather than land in quarantine due to exposure to COVID-19.

My daughter’s studies have been rudely interrupted and her life temporarily put on hold until all this blows over. So we make the most of our Summer 2020 in Balconya, with alternating escapades to Bakinghausen and Experimenterdorf. The summer light is definitely something to write home about, and the photographs shared in this entry are from yesterday’s visit to Homestudioville, which is coming along nicely in its expansion phase.

The Summer Enigma Series
©FrogDiva Photography

My balcony is in full bloom, and we moved the dining table to the conservatory so we can dine al fresco, surrounded by roses, hydrangeas, geraniums, marigolds, lavender, strawberries, bamboo, and a host of other tropical plants. In the evenings we light candles, make cocktails and watch the gorgeous myriad of colours in the sky during sunset, or listen to the rain while laughing at the ducks paddle furiously for cover.

The first half of this year has forced us all to re-think how we work, socialise, deal with family at such frequent and close proximity, and perceive things we thought we were entitled to, such as holidays. I have a right to remain healthy and demand the right not to be infected by the carelessness of others.

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