How did you celebrate Earth Day 50?

I am not sure why we need Earth Day at all when we should be protecting our planet every blessed day of our lives. With the current restriction on movements and the new face mask rule that will kick into effect on Monday, it was difficult to feel celebratory about anything this year.

Breathe! ©FrogDiva Photography

Before you jump to any conclusions, I am not an environmental activist, nor am I a staunch conservationist, but I do support all the efforts in this direction. We cannot deny the disastrous effects pollution and mass movement have taken on the flora and fauna of our world. Just take a look at all the images and videos of cities devoid of human activity at the moment and how the air has cleared up (have you seen the latest images coming out of Delhi?), the waters become crystal clear (dolphins in the canals of Venice) and deer, bears, foxes and wild boars taking over cities, zoos reporting animals mating now that they are not under stress from all the human visitors!

Gold and Sapphire ©FrogDiva Photography

On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the call is perhaps not to action but to step back and let Mother Nature breathe and recover in peace and quiet. None of the photographs I share today are new, but they have been re-edited. It is a small contribution to the celebrations, and a call to mindfulness. Less is more.


  1. I celebrated by listening to Gaylord Nelson’s 1970 speech (the founder of Earth Day in the US), photographing a tiny green beetle, and signing onto an effort to make ecocide an international crime, giving for the first time a global legal framework to cases of extreme ecosystem destruction in the name of “business as usual.”

    1. Thank you for sharing Erin! We do what we can to save the only plant we have. I firmly believe this prolonged confinement has given us a lot to think about, especially when you see jellyfish and dolphins swimming around peacefully in Venice! Stay well and be safe

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