Date postponed indefinitely

These photographs are dedicated to everyone who organised and booked events, expos, launchings, trips, dates, appointments, training sessions, seminars, parties, weddings, and family reunions this year.



Words we avoided and work hard to dispel or flush out from our lives, but have become the cornerstones of our society.

Empty Chairs and Hollow Spaces ©FrogDiva Photography

Postponed indefinitely or Cancelled are the standard these days, and are fast becoming the most painful words to hear. When the lockdowns began at the beginning of March, the hopeful among us expects to see things up and running in May again, then a few weeks later, as all the large events began moving the events to September or October, things began to look grim. Now even the Olympics have been moved to next year, there will be no Oktoberfest this year, and you will be hard put to find an expo that is actually pushing through in 2020. Many are resorting to taking things online as much as it possibly can, otherwise there is much financial instability and the survival of many businesses are hanging by the thinnest of threads.

Solitary Voids ⁣⁣©FrogDiva Photography

Holidays, trips, or even just visiting loved ones are also put on hold – and I ask myself when that hug or even the pat on the back can ever be given again. Sorry folks, that special date you were dreaming of will just have to wait.

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