Exploring The Darkness (Noir Photography)

Noir photography, or Film Noir Photography is a genre that I always considered best left to those who have the skills to do it. First of all, I never had a mentor to take me by the hand and show me ropes for this particular genre, so whatever I have churned out in the past weeks has been purely intuitive, experimental and self-taught. Gutsy? Perhaps, if not a tad suicidal at some point, but definitely a HUGE learning curve!

Here’s the thing, there are certain lines I will not cross in photography, and that is composites and collages, simply because I do not possess the necessary technical skills to do so, nor the patience. So whatever I undertake has to be set up in a way that my post-processing can be kept to a minimum.

For those of you following this crazy rollercoaster journey of mine, you are also aware of my discomfort for portrait photography. It just so happens that I am confined with a naturally talented model and would be an absolute fool to let the opportunity slip away! Thus the birth of the Old Hollywood Glamour series. It wasn’t until last week that I really ventured into negative spaces and playing up the shadows more than the light. A reflection of my current state of mind perhaps?

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