45 Was Right Tonight

Lo and behold, there was no rain today and the sun came out to play! The wind still raged through my bones but nobody gave a hoot in this city, as long as the sun was shining. My camera and I took a trip on the right bus this time (after last week’s misadventure on the wrong 45 bus) and I actually got off on the right stop.

It takes two ©FrogDiva Photography

Blue Hour is my absolute favourite time to shoot anything architecture related simply because of the drama the dark blue presents as a backdrop. You barely even have to adjust the tone. In any case, as you are aware, I tried to shoot this wonderful palace back in December, the Christmas market got in the way. Then for most of January it was always raining at night, and it simply not inspiring enough to stand in the rain and focus.

There is also another reason I chose to visit at night – the cold drives away the hoards of people who usually flock the palace, giving me all the space to play with. What a joy and utter relaxation to be alone with the camera again! The serenity was almost unreal.

Lady of The Night II ©FrogDiva Photography

I jumped back on the M45 bus and headed home, my head buzzing with thoughts on how I wanted to process the photos later on. Then it occurred to me I was about to pass another building I have been itching to photograph at night. The Wassertürme Charlottenburg (Charlottenburg Water Towers).

Where has the water gone? ©FrogDiva Photography

The left and shorter tower is the older of the two, dating back to 1881 and referred to as the East Tower. The West Tower was added a few years later and together they provided water primarily for the West End residents, and only ceased being active water stations in the 1970s. The buildings were subsequently sold in 2008 and have since been converted into high-end apartments (I checked out the current rents and almost fell off my chair).

There is one more building on the bus route that I need to add to complete the set, but I think it was a pretty good crop for this evening. My way of celebrating small victories of the day and be grateful for light in the dark.

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