Bruised but not Broken

If there is one thing that I will always remember about 2021 is that this was the year my courage, patience, tenacity, and fortitude were tested. This roller coaster year from hell surpassed 2020 on so many levels and then some. Back in December 2020 I swore to myself that 2021 would be different and I would be living the dream instead of merely chasing it. Well, it was different alright, just not what I intended or envisioned and I found myself living the nightmare (it’s technically still a dream) and stopped chasing whatever it was I had originally set my heart and soul on.

How does that old adage go? Man proposes, God disposes. Not only did I stop barking up the wrong tree, but I learned to walk away. Remember my ramblings from the other day? Yes, this is precisely what this year taught me – stop, look, listen to the messages from the universe. My stubbornness has gotten me into enough hot water.

I just finished reading a book where one of the characters described herself as bruised but not broken after a series of traumatic events. Geez, I thought that was me in 2020 but as the universe reminds me time and time again, never say never. Well, the book and those lines kept me up all night until I finally realised that this is exactly how 2021 used and abused me. It was a year that packed a few wallops, forced me to revisit the dreams, and left me black and blue emotionally, psychologically and financially, But I made it through.

Here’s the thing about bruises, they look ugly and distort the surfaces that we have grown accustomed to seeing in the mirror, but all they need is time to heal and fade away. We’ve all experienced bruising, and know for a fact that once the pain and swelling subsides, a proper bruise will first turn dark and ominous before it changes shades and begins to fade. It’s no different with our emotional and psychological bruising – once the horror and the pain subside and we can face the new reality staring back in the mirror, the healing begins. Just stop interfering with nature and let time heal you.

source: Pinterest

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