Fourth Sunday of Advent: The Gift of Kind Thoughts

As the holidays approach and we get caught up in the seasonal stress, let us spare kind thoughts as we go about our daily business:

  • For the men and women who work for the post office and courier services whose lives have been turned upside down and inside out ever since the #lockdowns and Home Office began back in early 2020. They may not be healthcare workers, but they every bit frontlines who risk their lives to get the online shopping and mail delivered.
  • For the men and women in food delivery services, who have the bear the brunt of everyone’s temper and fickle moods at the oddest hours.
  • For the teachers and professors who have had to adjust to virtual classrooms and put up with the unprecedented amount of attention deficiency. Never make the mistake of saying that teaching is just a job. It is a calling.
  • For the families torn apart during the pandemic.
  • For the people who were retrenched.
  • For all those in the armed forces assigned to serve and protect.
  • For the cleaning crews in homes, office buildings, streets, public spaces, who continue to pick up after everyone else long after everyone has gone.
  • For those in the hospitality and gastronomy industry who did not survive the lockdowns.
  • For the drivers of public transportation.
  • For those involved with a petrol station, keeping it up and running for everyone’s needs and mobility.
Dichotomy of Reality ©FrogDiva Photography

It’s been a hell of a year, and 2021 will go down in history not only for the political changes that took place in governments around the world, but also for the pandemic that has robbed us all of peace of mind. It’s a struggle to be positive and look forward to 2022, and yet, we cannot let ourselves down and lose hope altogether. So spare a kind thought

  • For those who lost a loved one this year.
  • For those who cannot go home for the holidays.
  • For those who will be alone for Christmas and/or New Year.
  • For those devoted and committed to caring for a loved one at home.
  • For those who struggle with their own personal demons.
  • For those who have lost their motivation and direction.
  • For those who have lost their sense of purpose.
  • For those who do not understand their own intrinsic value and self-worth.
Forgiving Core ©FrogDiva Photography

If anything, 2021 has been the year to rediscover or re-invent ourselves as we assess the “new normal”, a phrase that I am beginning to resent. In spite of the chaos, desperation and frustration all around us and undoubted within us, spare a kind thought

  • for the moments you thought you would never make it to the other side.
  • for the days you forgot there were people who love and care for you.
  • for the times you gave in to the wolves disguised as sheep and attempted to destroy you.
  • for the days you gave up trying to hold it together.
  • for the nights you didn’t want to be the brave one anymore.
Zen Master ©FrogDiva Photography

Spare a kind thought for those in your inner and extended circle, but most importantly, shower yourself with kind thoughts and be forgiving of your fears and hesitations.

Find strength in silent introspection.

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