The Grinch is Back

The Mindful Grinch ©FrogDiva Photography

Is anyone else reluctant to decorate for Christmas this year? Last year I thought it was a dire necessity to do so in the face of the pandemic and the mess we founds ourselves in. The darkness and confusion that reigned and kept the world hostage indoors was a very good reason to go all out and decorate, even if just for the sake of sanity.

Sadly, the world is yet again hostage to the pandemic, especially here in Europe. Germany in particular is paying a high price for the arrogance of independent thinking as well as disastrous and chaotic management. The irony is not lost on the world that the one country that prides itself on precision, perfection, order and forward thinking is drowning in its own values and choking on its own mess. Sadly this is what Angela Merkel will carry with her as her parting bouquet, a collection of stench and failure that has the country into utter chaos, and the well-known German temper is showing all around.

Normally I usually excited to set up my Christmas decorations just in time for the first Sunday of Advent, which is this weekend. But this year I have lost all desire to drag up the boxes from the basement and do anything. Beyond preparing my Advent Wreath, I harbour no inclination to deck the halls or string the lights. It’s been another year of darkness, uncertainty, frustration that have eaten away at my energy and positivity. Just look at today’s headlines! No matter where you turn, there is a disaster brewing or simmering all of which gnaws away at the remaining stocks of hope and strength. We are all running on empty, and I have to wonder how much longer we can keep up with any of this.

It is bizarre that while some countries are finally emerging from their prolonged lockdowns just in time to go on holiday and celebrate Christmas with family and friends, we here in Germany are riding the Fourth Wave and bracing ourselves for the Fifth Wave. Many of the beloved Christmas markets have just been cancelled, home office is the name of the game again, and the campaign for booster shots is on. Good grief, what next?

I keep receiving apology letters for things that have been on hold due to the pandemic. and frankly, I can’t even complain because nobody knows how to act accordingly because we have no clue what is next. A decision made today may not be valid next week, so how are we supposed to even plan for the next six months? I’ve said it before and will probably sound like a broken record, but have to reiterate the fact that I am very glad not to be in the event planning industry at the moment. It’s bad enough to be a photographer whose wings have been clipped, but to bye an event planner and have to lose money and the faith of the vendors due to uncertainty and changing politics… School administration and anyone in healthcare doesn’t have it any better either. Between facing the onslaught of irate families and skeptics, the guidelines keep changing and the resources are dwindling to the point of no return.

Too much, too late, too fast, so what now brown cow?

I have no idea and am not about to offer a solution. All I know is that I will hold off putting up my tree this weekend.

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