Autumn Vibrancy

Two photography blog entries in a row are not my usual style, but rather than pack too much into one entry I chose to separate the images thematically instead. I have to back pedal to last week and share some of the vibrant colours that are currently a part of world:

Brunch is always a good thing, especially when I’m inspired in the kitchen by the fresh produce or an old favourite. In this case it was baked camembert cheese, which is normally served as a light supper, but I opted for a sweet and sour cornucopia instead. I feel guilty about neglecting my food photography of late, but I simply wasn’t motivated enough to cook and style. There is something to be said about re-acquainting myself with nature’s bounty in baby steps and keeping it simple. Food is about layers of flavours, each ingredient playing its part to enhance the dish. Photography is no different. Individual elements are crucial to the final composition, and a detail here and there add character. Do I aim for pristine perfection? Never, hence the waves and wrinkles in the placemat or the wayward salad elements. Some might say there is too much going on in this image, but hey, isn’t every meal like that?

Say Cheese! ©FrogDiva Photography
camembert medallions on a bed of lambs’s ears salad, with a fig mustard and balsamic dressing

As I write this the wind is howling outside and the rain cannot make up its mind whether to stay and wreak havoc or pack its bag and leave. In other words it’s a pretty gloomy and gusty evening, unlike the gorgeous days with sunshine last week. These mini chrysanthemums have survived an entire year with me. I didn’t think they would make it through the long winter but with a lot of love and some bizarre fertilising experiments we manage to bloom again after 10 months! The experiment? Mixing coffee grounds and egg shells into the soil and then burying cigarette butts them!

Sunshine with petals

Much to my dismay it is time to pull out the boots, thick socks and heavier jackets again. Nevertheless it is also the best time of the year to get a little experimental with the lenses and themes. I can either go down the Hitchcock road:

Foreshadowing ©FrogDiva Photography

Or a bit Jane Austen:

Is Mr. Darcy hiding in the horizon? ©FrogDiva Photography

Then there was that spontaneous moment when I decided to pull a homage to Lady Gaga and shoot a few portraits with natural light:

Tribute to Lady Gaga I ©FrogDiva Photography
Tribute to Lady Gaga II ©FrogDiva Photography

I am surrounded by colour and light and it is invigorating. We all have demons lurking in the shadows, but then we are blessed with light as a reminder of the covenant of life. You learn to seize the moment, and make the best of it. As a good friend and fellow photographer taught me a few years ago, the shadows simply enhance the light and colours, providing that necessary contrast and drama that bring new dimensions alive.

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