Dear Fear…

When #lockdown began last year I discovered the wonderful father-daughter duet of Mat and Savannah Shaw on YouTube. Individually their voices are magical, but together they are ethereal. You can click on any one of their videos on their channel and you will not be disappointed.

For example

But it was Dear Fear that really made me stop and catch my breath the other day. It seems so fitting to these times, which is probably they recorded it in the first place. Fear has gripped us all by the neck, chocking the ability to go out and enjoy life as we want to.

On days like these when I feel that the shadows are longer than the light, I hesitate and withdraw from my own safe space. But then songs like these remind me that shadows are not to be feared.

Don’t let fear fill your head with doubt and darkness. Strike that match and dispel the darkness. Sure, the shadows will be long and creepy, but they are illusions and one dimensional. You, in all your glory, with talents and flaws living side by side in a beautiful soul, are what matter most.

Dear Fear,
Not today.
Not me.
Not me.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing the beautiful music of this father and daughter. Oh my gosh, their voices are so beautiful. I am following them now. Again, thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Thanks for this Gayle. The pleasure is all mine. On some days, listening to Mat and Savannah are all I need to boost a flailing mood! I find their bond so wonderful.

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