When the iPhone 6 becomes Vintage

I made a conscious decision in 2015 to jump entirely on the iOS bandwagon, thereby surrendering my beloved Sony Xperia phone at the time and my hp laptop, trading it all in for the iPhone 6 and a macbook Pro Retina. I have never looked back, and neither have I had the need to upgrade either of these accessories, or brain extensions as I prefer to call them. That is the thing about Apple / Mac, you are in it for the whole hog, it is a conscious decision and definitely not done on a whim. It is a relationship built on trust, security, companionship, and most importantly, for the long-term. Unless you spill water or coffee on your Mac on a regular basis, or have really klutzy friends who do that for you (my daughter seems to have such friends), then your MacBook should last at least five years, with proper software updates, hard drive cleaning, and general common sense when it comes to security and care.

The iPhone tends to be perceived as a status symbol, and most android owners will look down at iPhoners for their own reasons. I am not here to dispute which one is better, I only stake my claim on the iPhone 6 that has been with me for the past five years has just been deemed vintage by none other than Apple itself.

When iOS 13 rolled out, the “oldest” phone in the iPhone range that could support this new operating system was the 6s, which means anything older than that doesn’t make the cut and will have to live with the 12.4.7 until the end of its days. Sniff. I would not be making such a fuss about it if it hadn’t been for the new Corona warning App rolled out here in Germany last week. I tried to download it only to find out that the minimum system requirement is the iOS 13. Damn!

Like my MacBook, I have been very diligent at upgrading the software each time it was rolled out. The iPhone 7, 8, 9, 10 all came and went, with all the glitches, bells and whistles, and still I remained loyal to the 6. Call me sentimental, or call me a fool, but when your phone has been through everything I have in the past five years, you have trouble parting with the warden of your secrets, aka lifeline. Before you scoff at me, I know three other people in my immediate circle who have the exact same issue, all iPhone 6 owners extremely reluctant to part with the piece of intelligent metal.

It is uncertain how much longer I will be able to hold out with this phone, especially if the Apps keep upgrading at the speed of light. But for now, let´s just call this an Ode to the iPhone 6, and not a eulogy just yet.

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