Breaking Free

If there is one photograph that depicts who I am as a photographer, this is it. I don’t jump on the bandwagon and prefer to break free from most norms and standards. A bohemian soul who refuses to be boxed in by person, place or time.

Lockdown, isolation, social distancing has given everyone an opportunity to explore who we are, what values, norms, structures we have outgrown or have become obsolete. It is a call to renewal, rebuilding, introspection, and authenticity.

Exploring the authentic self, celebrating individuality and the courage to blaze your own trail but at the same time appreciating the ties that bind, the people that truly matter in your life – that is the greatest takeaway from this turbulent time.

Taken in the fishing community of Bicutan, (Manila, Philippines), these boats were being docked for the day, as the weary fishermen rejoined their families for simple meals. Their resilience and persistence to push ahead each day in spite of the difficulties grounded me, and I walked away that evening humbled and encouraged. We need very little to be free and happy, and the challenge is to recognise that and celebrate it.

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