Pandemic mode as the new normal

Please watch the video first before reading the rest of the entry


I received the above video, like so many other COVID-19 – related things, from a friend. The first time I watched it I felt very ambivalent about it. The second time around, however, after watching it with my daughter, it made more sense and achieved its primary purpose of making me think.

After six weeks of being in pandemic mode, the inevitable question is now: what is the new normal? How do we return to our jobs, social networks, families, gyms, sports clubs, friends, business trips after all this upheaval? How do we pick up the pieces and move on after the isolation, social distancing, paranoia, and anger that the pandemic has caused? Nothing will ever be the same, but then again, these past six weeks have been an opportunity to re-evaluate our human worth and raison d’être.

The call is not just to a healthier lifestyle, but also healing of social maladies, existential crisis, and commitment to a greater good. Mindfulness, discernment, and awareness take on new meanings from now on, as do personal space, respect, vigilance, and privacy.

Think about it.

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