Lady Tiffy Visits: Chapter 9

Comfort and Cuddles ©FrogDiva Photography

Dear Blog Readers,
It is Sunday and the sun came out, what joy! I was able to sit in the sun on a blanket and be at peace with the world. Well, to some extent. I didn’t require rescue remedy drops last night, nor my anti-stress paste. The pheromone collar is doing its job and I am quite calm now.

I even slept through the night and kept quiet until about 8:00am, around daybreak at which time I sang for my breakfast. I got my exclusive dining room again, but kept getting interrupted by one or the other human, so I yelled at them to get out and leave me to eat in peace. No, I am not demanding at all.

Peaceful Sunday ©FrogDiva Photography

As you can see from the photograph, I do get a lot of cuddles from Human M, and each time I shout to demand a cuddle she is there to pick me up and give me some. Now that it is rather frosty outside, I don’t mind the warm bathrobe or blanket I get to snuggle under, it is comforting in more ways than my four paws.

I suppose I have come to terms with my new life here, and everyone around me has as well. I’ve been good and haven’t peed on anything I wasn’t supposed to. The blanket I messed up yesterday is clean again, and I have been forgiven. We shall chalk it up to senior incontinence and homesickness…

I2I ©FrogDiva Photography

Cherry and I didn’t quit see eye-to-eye today, but she is a bit jumpy and frisky now that she got her pyjamas taken off. So maybe she keeps running around to keep warm. In any case, It has been a good day.

Tah Tah Dahlings

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