Closing The Books

I found this photograph in my archives and decided it was the perfect way to close the decade. This was taken in Udaipur, India, showcasing the glorious past, the remain of a decaying era struggling so hard to keep up with the changing times.

My life during the last decade was all about keeping up, catching up, repairing, and patching up the cracks in the wall. It is time to close the books and start a whole new phase, breathe and bring in new energy. I am tired of starting over – and can finally say I have reached a point where I can now spread my wings and grow, because my dawn has arrived.

No more keeping up – I will trade this in for trailblazing instead.
Enough catching up – I walk my own path, at my own pace, in my own unique direction.
Stop patching up the cracks – time to find new walls, own them, and build upon them.

There is so much to leave behind and close the chapters on, be grateful for, be more mindful of, but most important of all, I found something I lost: me.

I celebrate the end of my turbulence tonight with two incredibly special people, without whom the journey to Mordor and back would never have been possible. To all my Soul Sisters and members of the Frog Fellowship (especially ECB and MJS), I owe you the light.

Glide gently and safely into 2020, find your centre and live by your mantras. Everything else will fall into place.

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