Lady Tiffy Visits: Chapter 8

Dear Blog Readers,
So this is what’s been happening since yesterday. The anti-stress paste and Rescue Remedy drops have done wonders for my nerves and anxiety. I slept through the night and only dared to make a fuss at 7:30am for breakfast. Speaking of which, much as I try to be sociable, eating with others is not something I do well and refuse to even try. Sorry, this lady needs her privacy and exclusivity, so I get fed in my own private dining room.

Today Human T upped her game even more and got me a special anti-anxiety collar that comes loaded with calming pheromones. She also got the anti-stress spray for all of us, so we all can super chill in our own little caves and corners. Why Lolita would need it I have no clue because she is already mega relaxed as it is.

I have to point out that the collar and the spray were implemented AFTER I peed on Human M’s blanket and bed this morning. So although there is a very strict rule in this household about not doing any linen laundry between the years (what Germans refer to as the period between Christmas and New Year) because of an old South German superstition passed on by Human M’s grandmother, I forced the washing machine into action because otherwise they will be short of blankets. My timing couldn’t have been worse because temperatures in Berlin are dropping rapidly. We have a high of 3C today and tomorrow we begin with -2C. Oh boy.

Ah but the 15-hour cat-calming music is back on, this time with water and bird sounds, so in this house with so many plants it makes me feel as though I am in a forest or jungle!

Tah Tah Dahlings!

PS: The Chill / Calm Down spray is also in preparation for New Year’s Eve.

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