Champagne Trails Blog Live!

After trying out facebook with a following of 7000++ and an Instagram account of 12000 followers, both of which are inactive now, Champagne Trails has found a new home on WordPress. Visit the new site, TravelCat Diva: Champagne Trails Before you ask, yes of course the Lolita Bonita and Cherry Pie series have moved along with it.

Scaffolding: Invasion of Personal Space

I resent being told what I can or can’t do, and this has nothing to do with following rules and regulations. Impingement of my freedom of choice, decision-making power, opportunity for growth, and privacy is a no-go, and it has taken me decades to come to this point. I am still learning the ropes about standing my ground as an independent woman, and for the life of me I cannot engage in a loud discussion or argument, so when my personal space is invaded and endangered, my first instinct is to panic. Once my brain decides to kick my senses…