Lady Tiffy Visits: Chapter 5

Dear Blog Readers,
I have to give it to my foster parents for placing me in a supremely interesting household for the holidays. Boring this place is not. Like I’ve written the past days, I have tried to make friends with Cherry and Lolita, but somehow my attempts to whack them on the head, steal their food and throw a hissy fit at all hours to rob them of their sleep hasn’t worked. As a result, nobody gets any sleep around here.

The humans took matters into their own hands last night and sorted us cats out. I got to sleep in one half of the apartment with one human on her bed, and we were closed off from the the others, each section having a full service of kitty litters, water supplies and food for those midnight cravings. I fully agreed with this arrangement and snuggled up to human M on her pillow and slept through the night, not feeling the need to get up and sing an aria at 3:00am. I only made a fuss at 6:00am this morning to request breakfast. Not that it did me any good, because I got a “You have to wait Tiffy, no shouting” in response.

What a good nights sleep can do ©FrogDiva Photography

This is a really friendly house but boy can it be weird! Have I mentioned that Cherry and Lolita are Persians? No? Oh, my bad, sorry. Well, they are flat-nosed wonders with big eyes and the type that seem to be walking clouds with legs with all that fur. It looks positively impressive but trust me, it is a pain to take care of.

M, Lolita, 14 (L) and Cherry, 12 (R) ©FrogDiva Photography

Much to my horror, they get shaved once a year. Completely. Lolita is a cancer surviver, so she is used to being shaved and with her it is a necessity, in order to check for new tumour growths. Cherry is just messy, and get keep her mane in order, ends up with a whole bunch of knots, and hates being brushed and detangled. Can’t say I blame her. Imagine my horror when I marched into the living room yesterday and found Cherry being shaved! I ran up to her, marched all over the humans to make them stop, and tried to save my new friend. Didn’t do any of us any good because Cherry continued to be pinned down and I got shooed away. Three hours later, both Cherry and Lolita were shaved and were given cat onesies (pyjamas).
I don’t understand the world.
I don’t understand Persians.
I don’t understand Humans.

Stay tuned for the next blog entry! I have a couple of funny shots to share.
Tah Tah Dahlings!

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