Lady Tiffy Visits: Chapter 4

Dear Blog Readers,
Meowy Christmas! We had a nice quiet evening, well for the most part. I had extended naps during the day so that I could be awake the whole night! I began with my rounds after dinner, making sure that I got noisier the later it got. Cherry and I alternated in pestering everyone, although I was responsible for the noise, and taught her how to meow non-stop at the top of her lungs. She is still skeptical and hesitant to do so, especially between 2:00 – 5:00am. Although we tend to hang around the same room together, knocking things down is not her cup of tea. I remain responsible for pulling cables and pushing phones off the table.

For the sake of variety, I sang my opera under the bed, re-arranged a few things in the room, sang for my breakfast incessantly, and tried to convince the other two to sing with me. Failing that, I resorted to Christmas sermons, in the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, the conservatory and at all the windows I found.

I like to boss the humans around, and give them running commentaries while they are working or cooking, otherwise I just meow when I pass by. Basically I am adjusting pretty well, and get lots of hugs in-between my public speeches. There is always so much to do, and being the new sherif in town requires extra work to prove my point.

So, nap time for me. These night duties make me a bit groggy. Oh, and by the way, I like to dip into Cherry and Lolita’s Senior food from time to time because it is nice and soft. Lolita can’t eat hard or chunky food because she is missing a few teeth, so it is all nice and smooth. Cherry dips into my dry food as well but she doesn’t like (luckily) the raw meat. We all share the water fountain, which I really like. I could get used to this shared flat concept.

Tah tah Dahlings,

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