Lady Tiffy Visits: Chapter 6

Dear Blog Readers,
When my Dad dropped me off last Sunday, he did warn Humans T and M that I am a very emotionally needy cat. Neither human realised the extent of my needs until they figured out (very quickly) that if I get picked up and hugged it shuts me up instantly,- well, for five minutes at least.

When I go on a rampage with one of my uninterrupted political meowentaries, Human M picks me up and says “Tiffy, time out!”. Now for dogs this would mean being locked up or sent to a corner, but for me this means being hugged and cuddled so that I can be reassured that the world has not completely gone under. Once I settle down, I can resume silent prowling, for another 15minutes or so, before I demand my next cuddle.

This is a household that will go out on a limb for cats, regardless of whether they are residents or visitors, and today I was being particularly pesky and supremely needy, that even Human M wondered what to do next. Ah, but Human T came up with an idea which she had used for another cat and seen being applied for a lot of rescue cats.

Purrtito Baby ©FrogDiva Photography

Enter the baby wrap! It is basically a long human shawl that was tied across the shoulders and provided me with a kangaroo pouch so I could be close to the human, feel the warmth, and they could go about their business. OK… I can live with this. Wait, let me rephrase that, I love it! No, I don’t think I am being spoiled, this is absolutely part and parcel of cat sitting services isn’t it? No? Well, it should be. I even get to sit in the pouch while Human T is writing at her desk, and we danced around to loud Billy Joel music. Piano Man is a great cuddle-the-anxious-cat song! Dancing and swaying in the pouch does make me seasick though, so I protested to the dancing.

Human T is a photographer, something that everyone else around here are all used to. Most of the shots are candid, but from time to time she will come up with a strange (to me at least) idea or two…

FrogCat ©FrogDiva Photography

Just to explain, this is a medical cone, a funnier (to humans) version of the plastic veterinarian ones. I got to wear it just for this shot because someone thought it would be amusing. My dignity just walked out the door with her suitcase!

Tah Tah Dahlings,

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