A Diva Crosses The Rainbow Bridge

In Memoriam
Champagne – The TravelCat Diva
June 2013 – November 4, 2019

My spirit animal and emotional support companion crossed The Rainbow Bridge today.

She was a Persian cat born in Thailand in 2013 to a breeder who meant well. When she was barely a few months old, Champagne was adopted on the condition that she was not to be mated yet, since she barely a few months old. Her new owner paid no heed, however, and still went ahead and paired Champagne\ up with some unknown Tom. Needless to say, this tore her up inside and when she miscarried, the little cat was returned to the cattery as “damaged goods”. 

The next owner was a kinder person whom she never really got to know. Although she had been officially adopted again, Champagne was initially transferred to a foster home until the new owner was ready to take her in. The stay at the foster home was brutal and miserable, as she was bullied and attacked by all the other cats, in addition to the human who in charge of her as well, shouting and kicking her around. It reached the point where she was a walking bag of open wounds and scratches. 

A small animal rescue team somehow came to know of Champagne’s plight and demanded she be returned immediately. After much negotiation, the person agreed to do so, on the condition that the handover take place in a dark corner of  the bus station. It was only when the team was half way to Bangkok and the light shone on her that the rescuers saw the true condition of the cat and rushed to the next veterinary hospital to be stitched up, bathed  and injected with all sorts of antibiotics. 

Champagne became part of her forever home in June of 2014, with a family who had just lost their cat while moving from New Delhi to Bangkok. We were supposed to be just another foster family until the rescue team could find a permanent home, but from the moment I met her, I knew our paths had crossed for a reason.

She moved with me from Bangkok to Manila in 2016, and then from Manila to Berlin in 2017, and became the source of entertainment, support, unconditional love, and my co-traveler in life. Those of you who met her and knew her quirkiness know exactly what I am talking about.

Love transformed Champagne, and she gave back to the world as much love as she could.


  1. Oh my darling Tess, how sad.
    I really feel for you, knowing how much Champagne was an integral part of your life, in times of joy, sorrows and as a travel companion for the past five or six years.
    In her short life you gave her the warmth, security and love which she so desperately needed and I am sure, returned in her own spécial way.

    Rest in peace, little Champagne.

    Sending you, dearest friend, much love.

    Sent from my iPhone

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