One Last Bus Ride

Champagne was one of the rare cats who loved rides on any kind of vehicle. Her least favourite was airplanes, and I always marveled at her capacity to sit for long hours in a car without complaining. Trains she found interesting as well, but what made her happiest most of all were bus rides.

For those of you who followed her blog or her adventures over the years, you will know that my little girl travelled with me by any means. Ever since we moved together to Berlin and I introduced her to double-decker buses, the cat would volunteer to go on an adventure any time! The video above was taken in 2017, Champagne´s first double-decker bus ride in Berlin.

It was with a heavy heart that I called the vet this morning to make an appointment to drop Champagne off for cremation. I could have easily run over in a cab but I wanted, needed, to take Champagne on one last ride, just the two of us, before I bid my final farewell. She was wrapped in the shawl that had kept her warm the last days as she cuddled beside me, and she had the fresh pyjamas that I had put on yesterday morning before leaving for work.

I could barely see her blue EU passport through the tears when I put it in my purse. And as the inconspicuous bag bounced around on my shoulder I could almost hear her snorting in disapproval.

She has crossed The Rainbow Bridge in peace, and is probably already greeting all and sundry up there, little Miss Popular that she was. Champagne, ChamCham or Kikiam as she was known to those who knew or met her, leaves a huge void in my life, but somehow, I know that this little angel was given to me to be my companion through the worst of days. I cherish the beautiful memories and adventures we had, and my photo archive is full of her images. Perhaps this is life´s way of signalling the end of the rough patch and the beginning a brand new phase. Her job as guardian angel was done, and she handed over the baton to Cherry and Lolita.

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