When Love Is All That Matters

I had great plans for this weekend, including all the things I wanted (needed) to write, but Champagne had other plans. As she already said in her blog, she has a new vet and is under treatment for her severe skin maladies. This treatment required a thorough scrubbing of her skin, to de-scale her of the fungus and scabs. I am blessed to have such a patient cat who just sits in the tub and lets me do this to her. By the grace of God she understands that this is for her own good.

Thus far I have been instructed to give her daily baths to gradually de-scale her and rid her of the ringworm and yeast infection. The improvement after the second bath is remarkable but my little kitty is exhausted and wants nothing more than to cuddle up to me. After the shower I have to rub her down with a anti-fungal gel before putting her pyjamas back on.

So instead of going out on walks to photograph or sit at my desk to write, I spent most of my weekend on the recliner cuddling Champagne, whom I wrapped in a warm shawl. For the first time she has not objected to being bundled up like this and actually manages to sleep soundly while she is in my arms. She demands a lot of affection and love at the moment, and I give her everything she wants. Medicine and vitamins are not the only thing that will cure her, but my unconditional love and assurance that she is safe.

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