You know you are growing old when…

  • The idea of a disco or all-night party is abominable
  • 10:00pm is bedtime, and not time to get ready for the night out with friends
  • You can’t drink coffee after 5:00pm
  • Long-haul flights are torture
  • You begin to forget words in mid-sentence
  • Need to carry all kinds of medication in your bag
  • Adult diapers are not such a bad idea after all
  • You prefer / need to eat soft food.
  • Your days of Steak and corn-on-the-cob are over
  • You get invited to more funerals and retirement parties than weddings and baptisms
  • Birthday parties you get invited to these days are usually for those pushing 60 and above
  • You are called Aunty and Uncle in Asian circles instead of Big Sister of Big Brother
  • You get ushered to the senior citizen lane at the airport bathroom
  • You are no longer asked for proof of senior citizenship and will be taken in at face value
  • When eating at restaurant with friends everyone whips out their senior citizen discount cards as soon as the bill arrives
  • The pharmacies automatically give you a senior discount
  • Arthritis pain is part of your daily life
  • The children of your friends are the ones you see on LinkedIn
  • Retirement is less than 10 years away
  • You know how to operate a record player and change the needle
  • You learned to type on a mechanical typewriter
  • To write on a tablet when you were a child, chalk was used
  • You were alive during the first moon landing
  • People on the bus or train offer you the handicapped or senior seats
  • You are at the doctor more often than you are out with friends
  • You sign up for a gym membership and your age bracket is no longer on the list of choices
  • Your friends are all becoming grandparents
  • You no longer talk to your children about school or university, but work and buying their first home
  • You write your last will and testament
  • You begin to do research on places where you want to retire
  • The calendar is marked for your last day of work at the company before retirement
  • You lose your friends to death, and not moving away to college or for a new job

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